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  • Above and Beyond – Daloa, Ivory Coast – Final Day

  • The final meeting of our Gospel Crusade in Daloa, Ivory Coast, has come to a glorious conclusion just a few minutes ago. It was above and beyond all expectation
  • One of the Most Precious Moments of My Life – Daloa, Ivory Coast – Day 3

  • I don’t even want to try to describe the atmosphere tonight. Words just don’t suffice. Even this video doesn’t do it justice, but you really should take a minute to watch this short clip that I recorded from my cell phone while standing on the platform after praying for the sick and praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. If this is not “joy unspeakable and full of glory” then I don’t know what is:
  • Showers of Blessings – Daloa, Ivory Coast – Day 2

  • Our Fire Conference started this morning at 6:00 AM – before the sun had risen! We are amazed by the hunger of these pastors and leaders, who would come out so early, many of them walking for miles to reach the site. They are hungry for the Word of God and for a touch from Heaven.