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  • Showers of Blessings – Daloa, Ivory Coast – Day 2

  • Our Fire Conference started this morning at 6:00 AM – before the sun had risen! We are amazed by the hunger of these pastors and leaders, who would come out so early, many of them walking for miles to reach the site. They are hungry for the Word of God and for a touch from Heaven.
  • Many Challenges and Great Victories – Daloa, Ivory Coast – Day 1

  • The first night of our Gospel Campaign here in Daloa, Ivory Coast has just ended. The atmosphere was electric. The devil has tried hard to keep this crusade from happening – a great indicator that we are about to witness a mighty harvest here. Despite many obstacles we have had to overcome here, something extraordinary is taking place.
  • Power in the Airwaves – Tamale, Ghana – Final Day

  • I’ve just returned from the field on this final night of our Gospel campaign here in Tamale, Ghana. The crowd more than doubled tonight! It was a huge breakthrough. Behind the platform, more than 35,000 people stood in the darkness. These were mostly Muslims who had come to the meeting despite the prohibition of local Imams. When I gave the invitation to receive Jesus, thousands of them lifted their hands and prayed with me. Heaven is rejoicing tonight and Tamale will never be the same again.