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Raised from the Dead - Book & DVD

As Reinhard Bonnke debated whether or not to move his ministry to America, he did something he had never done before: He prayed for a sign to confirm that God was truly calling him to go there. God was about to answer that prayer.

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A few days later, a woman brought her husband to the Nigerian church where Evangelist Bonnke was preaching in hopes that his partially embalmed body would be raised from the dead after three days in a coffin. Although Reinhard Bonnke was unaware of this and never even prayed for the man, the woman's husband - lying in the church basement - began to breathe again during the sermon! In front of numerous witnesses, this man, who still couldn't move because of rigor mortis, was raised back to life. After his message, Reinhard Bonnke was besieged by a crowd yelling "He's breathing! He's breathing!". This incredible miracle is part of a movement of God birthed in a small African church and stretching around the world to America. It is the beginning of a work of God that will confirm His word to Evangelist Bonnke: "America will be saved".

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Author Reinhard Bonnke