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By Life or by Death (Softcover)

This book is a gripping account of endurance, highlighting the miraculous and harrowing escapes of Winfried Wentland, as he sought to bring light and life to the continent of Africa.

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Winfried has been trapped in a truck cab at the bottom of a swollen river, marooned in the middle of the Sahara desert, traversed malaria infested swamps and been held at gunpoint by drug-crazed rebels in the midst of a civil war, where capture meant almost certain death. With a driving passion for souls, through conflict and tragedy, against the elements and against all odds, this is a true-life and still unfolding story of modern-day missions. A must-read for any who have a heart for the lost. A testimony that will inspire and challenge all to do greater things for God.

300 pages.

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Author Winfried Wentland