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Evangelism by Fire

A powerful and practical presentation of the principles the Lord has taught Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke over the years.


"Evangelism by Fire" will give you an insight into the God-inspired anointing of Reinhard Bonnke.

"The evangelist is a man with a driving urgency, not a man with two minds. The Gospel and nothing else on earth matters: neither fame, money, earthly pleasures nor life itself." (Reinhard Bonnke)

You will be gifted with a new boldness to win souls after reading this book. Feelings of hesitation, fear and inadequacy will evaporate as a new zeal bursts into flame as Reinhard Bonnke shares his insight into God inspired anointing to win souls. This book has brought revival to the lives of millions of Christians around the world, you can be next!

Now with over 3,000,000 copies in print in over 45 languages, this bestseller has spanned the globe in numerous editions. It heralds a message that fans the spark of evangelism into a blazing furnace - here lies the true heartbeat of Reinhard Bonnke. Read this 'Holy Spirit inspired' book and be motivated to reach this lost generation.

Paperback, 334 pages.

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Author Reinhard Bonnke