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MSI - Miracle Scene Investigation

Miracle Scene Investigation reveals the fascinating facts surrounding eight modern-day miracles.

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How did a deaf man hear once more? Can the lame walk again? Is it true a man lay dead for days on end, embalmed for burial, and then came back life? Join evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, a man well acquainted with the miraculous, as he explores these supernatural events.

  1. Deaf-mute healed
  2. Pub owner preaches
  3. Lame woman walks
  4. Blind man sees
  5. Crippling pain healed
  6. Demonic power broken
  7. Dead man resurrected
  8. Courage in the face of death


During thirty years of Christian ministry, Reinhard Bonnke has seen countless miracles first-hand. He gives God the credit for his supernatural intervention into the lives of men and women who simply believed.

Running time: 67 minutes

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