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Unlocking the Miraculous - through Faith & Prayer (Audiobook)

Unlocking the Miraculous through Faith & Prayer is now an Audiobook! This CD binds the burning heart of an evangelist with the burdened heart of an intercessor.


Unlocking the Miraculous contains power-filled chapters such as Prayer that Opens Doors, Praying Under an Open Heaven and Prayer that Releases the Miraculous. It is studded with spiritual truths and the insights of a man who knows that there are no limits to what God can do if we, his children, come before Him in prayer. For the author the only thing worse than prayer-less-ness is prayer without expectation. Intercession is not a human invention, it is God's idea. He has called us to partner with Him in prayer, believing in faith. This CD is for those who desire to enter into this divine partnership and join the prayer revolution.

Running time about 120 min.

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Author Daniel Kolenda